This is a research and educational website that is organized by investigators affiliated with Harvard Medical School. You are being asked to take part in this research registry study to gather birth control information from women with epilepsy for women with epilepsy. Women with epilepsy have unique concerns when selecting a birth control method. The goals of this web-based project are to determine the following for women with epilepsy:

  1. safety and effectiveness of various forms of birth control
  2. decision-making process involved in selection of a birth control method
  3. availability of the best methods of birth control for women with epilepsy

In order to gather this information, we ask that you complete a short survey form (approximately 10 minutes). Then, check out the educational material about birth control that includes special considerations for women with epilepsy.

There are no anticipated risks to participating in this registry study. Information gathered from the survey will be used to update the educational material periodically. You may not benefit from being in this registry study, but we hope that this project will lead to more informed healthcare decisions regarding the safe and effective use of contraception by women with epilepsy. We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions about this research registry, you may contact Dr. Andrew Herzog or the study staff at Contact the Western Institutional Review Board® (WIRB®) if you have questions about your rights as a research subject at:
Telephone: 1-800-562-4789 or 360-252-2500
WIRB® is a group of people who perform independent review of research.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. We will not ask you for your name. You may be asked questions pertaining to your health history and may decline to answer any question and exit the survey at any time.